Beast Boy Character Ask 6

So, I don’t know, is it enjoyable to give footjobs? I imagine the main joy in being the giver here would be seeing the other person’s reactions, right? This might be an area where my own inexperience makes it hard to answer well, but I think Beast Boy might enjoy giving footjobs more if he plays around with it more. He doesn’t seem to hate it, though, so maybe he will.
I’d originally paired B.B. up with an anon here, but after thinking about it some more I figured he might want to try it out with someone he’s comfortable/familiar with. So he called up his best bud Cy to help him test this one out.


  1. Kamikazaye

    Woah, nice! You really picked a great footjob pose for this one too near, it shows off beast boy’s feet super well man ?

  2. mr.j

    Most of the time the one giving the footjob, isn’t getting anything from it. There are some people who get stimulated by having their feet touched. Those people might get a reaction from being the giver.

  3. Ayeaye

    Not gonna lie I think i got a really good question for Beast Boy to answer and hopefully he’s got the answer I’m looking for ?

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