Olive Silverlock Character Ask 1

So, if you didn’t know, this Ask and part of Olive’s answer is referencing a fic I’ve been working on where Maps (and several other girls) win a trip with their idol in the Near Hentai Studios, Chi-Chi. Characters with larger numbers of pics are kinda like celebrities in the Studio, meaning Chi-Chi’s one of the top stars. Olive didn’t get to go on that, although I do like to imagine her and Maps enjoying porn together in their Studio lives. So even though she’s also a fan, Olive wanted to name someone else for her answer, and I have to admit I was a bit surprised by what came out. I don’t know who I thought Olive would be in to, but hearing she developed a crush on Ellie from The Last of Us while viewing Sleepover Raid was unexpected. Olive says she doesn’t know why she’s drawn to Ellie, though I have a theory that maybe she’s just really got a thing for girls with freckles.

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