Near’s Drag Race – Izuku Midoriya

So very sorry this took so long to complete! These pages like this take forever as it is, but this one got slowed down (as did all the comic pages I’m working on right now) by the production of the Near Hentai Studio Tour game. There was basically a whole month where the only comics I worked on were the monthly ones. ^_^;
At any rate, it’s done now. I wanted to put Midoriya into the girl’s version of the U.A. uniform, with a couple minor cosmetic changes. I decided to keep the makeup and suck more minimal on this one, I feel like he’d go for a more subtle and natural approach. Up next I’ll be doing another Dragon Ball one, since I’m still alternating between my most popular franchise and others until I run out of DBZ ones I want to do. Hope you all enjoy this one, and I’ll see you for the next entry sometime in 2020, I imagine!


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