MomSwap – Reggie and Judy Abbott

I’ve been wanting to do Reggie and her mom Judy in MomSwap for a minute, but I had this weird hang-up where I didn’t want to release any Reggie pics until after I finished my “Butt Witch Victory” comic montage. Now that that’s done, though, I have a fair number of pics featuring Reggie I’d like to do in the future. Most of them will probably be with the Butt Witch, but other like this one won’t. This may well be the only time I draw Judy, though, which is why I was comfortable letting her be the main focus of this pic.


  1. E

    Not quite sure what made me think of this one, but can I put in a submission for a MomSwap involving Ariel and Melody, from “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea”? I’d recommend keeping both of them in their tails, because A) you don’t draw mermaids very often so it’s a change for you; and B) mermaids are usually more seductive and assertive than their human counterparts, so Ariel is merely passing on the lessons to her daughter.

    Maybe sneak the cecaelia Morgana into the background somewhere, like she’s watching what’s happening, planning…

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