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Futa Witch

This is a pretty old sketch from October of 2019. At the time I hadn’t done as much futa Butt Witch content as I have by now, so it was more of a novelty to show her fucking Reggie like this. I still liked the drawing, though, and when I needed some quicker pics to work on to keep my upload schedule I decided to dust it off for inking and coloring. Hope y’all enjoy it, I really want to do more BW/RA content eventually (futa or non).

Kathy Character Ask 1

I thought it’d be fun to revisit this pairing, and after reading this question I kind of had an idea for how Kathy might respond. While my number one partner for Reggie will always be the Butt Witch, I do like seeing Kathy dominating her like this. I don’t know when, but I do think I’ll want to return to these two again in the future. I’d kind of like to see Kathy fucking Reggie with a strapon eventually.

Pro Muff-Muncher

Drawing Kathy recently for that Butt Witch pic had me in the mood to draw her again. I just like how rough and gruff she comes across. One thing I remembered from watching Twelve Forever was thinking it’d be hot of Kathy had been secretly fucking around with her best friend’s daughter behind her back, so I played into that concept here. I’m pretty happy with the result, I like the perspective on Reggie here especially. With this, too, I’m not one step closer to whoring Reggie out to all of the older women in her life.

Reggie Sandwich

I remember wanting to do a pic along these lines a long time ago… specifically the concept of a skinny loli with her face sandwiched between the juicy asses of two older, curvier women. I’ve seen it done a couple times by other artists and always liked it, but didn’t have the right idea for who to use. I was kinda reminded of it a bit while working on the Gohan vs. fighting game girls One-Shot comic, and I remembered thinking I wanted to use the Butt Witch for something along these lines. I considered doing a crossover thing with her and some other characters in, like, a Studio Tour pic or something, but then it became really obvious I should just use Reggie and her mom Judy. I couldn’t set this pic in a real scene or location, Judy and the Butt Witch exist in different realities and I doubt even if the series had continued they would’ve ever met. However, the thought of Reggie sandwiched between the asses of two of the most influential women in her life was too appealing to me to pass up, so here we are.

Butt Witch Plays with Esther and Reggie 1

I’ve wanted to do something along these lines for a while, now. My montage of Butt Witch dominating Reggie was a lot of fun, but I started that back when it was just a pilot. Esther wasn’t in the Twelve Forever pilot, she was introduced a few episodes into the Netflix series, so the whole time I was working on that montage I was thinking about doing something that also involves Esther. I have two pics planned with these theme, this one and one more. I don’t know when I’ll get around to the second one, but I’ve got it sketched so hopefully it won’t be too terribly long.

MomSwap – Reggie and Judy Abbott

I’ve been wanting to do Reggie and her mom Judy in MomSwap for a minute, but I had this weird hang-up where I didn’t want to release any Reggie pics until after I finished my “Butt Witch Victory” comic montage. Now that that’s done, though, I have a fair number of pics featuring Reggie I’d like to do in the future. Most of them will probably be with the Butt Witch, but other like this one won’t. This may well be the only time I draw Judy, though, which is why I was comfortable letting her be the main focus of this pic.

Butt Witch Victory

So, fun trivia fact, I started this pic back in April of 2016. This was when Twelve Forever was just a pilot episode floating around on YouTube, but I loved the idea of the Butt Witch defeating Twelve/Reggie and dominating her. I drew up this comic and got about 70% through inking it back then, but eventually it fell off my radar and I kinda forgot about it. When the Netflix show dropped, my interest in the Butt Witch was re-ignited (if you couldn’t tell by how frequently she’s been appearing in my work lately), and I remembered how excited I had been for this comic. Of course, it was now three years old and the art had aged. So, I started over on inking it, replacing some panels with new art and adding in a few extra panels to fill in some of the empty spaces the original had. I’ve been working on it for a few months, but finally got around to finishing it! I’m really interested in doing more stuff pairing Butt Witch up with not just Reggie, but also her friends Esther and Todd, but I’d been holding off on any of those ideas until I got this original one completed. Now that it’s finally done, I’ll hopefully get some other pics of her with the kids out in the future!