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Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 6

Here’s page six of Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend! Judy Abbott is protagonist Reggie’s mother in Twelve Forever. Though she never meets the Butt Witch in the show, the idea of pairing the two of them interests me a great deal. I’ve drawn a little with both B.W. and Judy in the past, and was getting the urge to draw them together again when it occurred to me I could just have Judy visit B.W. during her stream. I liked this idea even more when I thought about how Reggie might react to it, as Reggie’s the type of kid who gets embarrassed whenever her mom does anything. So I had fun with this page, and I hope y’all will enjoy it.

Butt Witch Goes Mature

Well, I did say there was more Butt Witch coming up, didn’t I? And I’m not done here!
I got to thinking about Kathy, Judy’s best friend in Twelve Forever and an underappreciated character, I think. It could be out there, but I’ve not personally seen her lewded yet, and I wanted to really bad. I was originally going to just do a pic of her and Judy (and I might still in the future), but I got to thinking about how I’d been wanting to do a Butt Witch/Judy pic for a while. I decided to kill two birds with one stone (fuck two sluts with one cock) and have Butt Witch dom both Judy and Kathy. These characters never met in the show, the Butt Witch never leaves Twelve’s imaginary world, but that just makes it more fun for me in the end.

Dustin and Judy

Since first drawing Judy Abbott for MomSwap, I’ve found myself enjoying her a lot more than I’d originally thought I would. I wanted to do something new with her, and decided to draw her with her son, Dustin. Dustin Abbott’s someone I’ve considered drawing for a bit, I figure some of my followers who are more into boys might like him. Mom/son content always seems to be well-appreciated, too, so I let them go at it on the kitchen table.

Reggie Sandwich

I remember wanting to do a pic along these lines a long time ago… specifically the concept of a skinny loli with her face sandwiched between the juicy asses of two older, curvier women. I’ve seen it done a couple times by other artists and always liked it, but didn’t have the right idea for who to use. I was kinda reminded of it a bit while working on the Gohan vs. fighting game girls One-Shot comic, and I remembered thinking I wanted to use the Butt Witch for something along these lines. I considered doing a crossover thing with her and some other characters in, like, a Studio Tour pic or something, but then it became really obvious I should just use Reggie and her mom Judy. I couldn’t set this pic in a real scene or location, Judy and the Butt Witch exist in different realities and I doubt even if the series had continued they would’ve ever met. However, the thought of Reggie sandwiched between the asses of two of the most influential women in her life was too appealing to me to pass up, so here we are.

MomSwap – Reggie and Judy Abbott

I’ve been wanting to do Reggie and her mom Judy in MomSwap for a minute, but I had this weird hang-up where I didn’t want to release any Reggie pics until after I finished my “Butt Witch Victory” comic montage. Now that that’s done, though, I have a fair number of pics featuring Reggie I’d like to do in the future. Most of them will probably be with the Butt Witch, but other like this one won’t. This may well be the only time I draw Judy, though, which is why I was comfortable letting her be the main focus of this pic.