Nana Shimura Character Ask 1

Nana got a good response after her debut though winning the Near Hentai Monthly Lady spot in February. As such, it’s not surprising to see her getting Asks now, and this one was looking for her opinion of Midoriya. One of the fun things about the Studio setting is that characters who, despite being from the same universe, would never meet or interact in their source material (unless MHA has a time travel story or some death-reversal thing in its future). We saw this with Korra and Katara in a hidden scene in the Studio Tour game, and now we see it in this Ask. Nana’s character isn’t explored super in-depth from what I’ve seen, but I’m confident she’d take a shine to Midoriya the same way All Might did. Of course, this being Near Hentai that manifests in a bit of a different way than it would if it happened in MHA itself…


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