Mitsue + Zel

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So, I don’t expect everyone to be on board for this one. In Interspecies Reviewers, Mitsue’s a character who I’m pretty sure the viewer is meant to be repulsed by, or something. She’s definitely meant to be more humorous than sexy, but I found myself really drawn to her in the series. When we first see her, Zel here grabs her passionately, with a handful of ass, and the rapture these two seem to share just clicked for me. Part of it might be that, due to the difference in their species, Mitsue and Zel both feel like they’re robbing the cradle when they’re together (Zel obviously looks much younger than Mitsue, but he’s actually a lot older, and even makes a comment about how humans are great because “None of them are over 100”). When they do lewd Mitsue, again, I think it’s meant more as a joke, but her body’s really soft and voluptuous looking and I just felt like I had to get this pairing out of my system. I might draw these two again in the future, I can’t say, but I hope I’m not the only one into them as a pairing. Even if I am, hopefully at least some of you will be able to enjoy seeing more of Zel. ^_^


  1. E

    Despite her older age, I like Mitsue in the anime as well (though obviously not for the same reason Zel likes her). I think an experienced and charming woman like her would be a great person to be around, even if you didn’t bed her.

    Hey, Near: would you be opposed to doing a solo picture in the future of Mitsue? Maybe make her part of a Character Ask? I think it’d be interesting to pick her brains considering she runs a brothel and has many years of experience.

    1. Post

      I do have some plans for her, but as far as a Character Ask goes the only way that could happen is if one of my Patrons asks her a question.

  2. Don Azazel Valentine

    I actualy love gilf characters and I was hoping youd get into some. This looks damn good and her body is perfect.
    I hope to see more of her specifically and more older gals in general

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