Crim x Elza

So I made a big deal about how much I liked Zel and Mitsue as a couple last time I drew Interspecies Reviewers, but Crim and Elza are my actual favorite canon pairing. They have two scenes together in the series, and they’re both among my favorite sex scenes in the whole show. I knew I wanted to draw them eventually as soon as I saw them together, and here I finally got around to it. Hopefully I’ll be drawing them again at some point.


  1. E

    Ooh, I hope you revisit these two soon.
    One small complaint- the texture of Crim’s halo seems a bit, umm… “bland”, is that the world? The halo doesn’t stand out and just seems like more skin, or a donut, or something in the background.

    Looking forward to genderswap-Zel and the green slime girl. The sensation must be overwhelming!

    Also, I hope you visit the cecaelia Ocpa at some point too. (Not quite sure why they call her a “dagon”.)

  2. Anonymouz

    I would love to see more elza

    Small complaint: they don’t seem to have expressions matching eachother, if you get what I mean, between the two of their expressions and poses it looks like 2 imagines were photoshopped onto eachother

    1. Post

      …Why would they have the same expressions? In none of their sex scenes together in the anime do they have the same expression during sex, they have very different personalities.

      1. E

        I think I understand what Anonymouz is saying. It’s not that their faces were drawn incorrectly by you, Near, but rather their faces don’t seem to match up with what’s happening in this particular picture; there’s a disassociation which Anonymouz has picked up on, and now I see it too.
        Elza seems to be looking at something over Crim’s shoulder in the distance, completely oblivious to what’s happening right in front of her, while Crim has kind of a “generic surprised” expression but not something I would associate with being penetrated by a herm for the first time.
        Anonymouz is saying their bodies are doing the right things, but their facial expressions aren’t matching the scene being presented.

        1. Post

          I… completely disagree? Crim is crying out while being penetrated and having their hair pulled, and Elza is smirking at the cute reaction. Not only is this extremely common in hentai, it happens in the show itself when they fuck. I don’t understand the issue at all.

          1. E

            Oh, how can I put this…?

            If you look at, say, entry-level photoshopping, when that person discovers not only how to add in a character that wasn’t there before but then add in a new head or face on top of that at the same time, things like lighting/shading, muscle tension and position, color timing, picture grain and camera focus, adding in new shadows, etc. usually stand out like sore thumbs until they learn to either better pick-out raw images to fill those roles, or use the program(s) to blend them in more effectively. It’s a learning curve that all Photoshop (or other program, pick your poison) artists have to go through.
            (Example: )
            SOMETIMES this mismatching is deliberate for things like humor and memes, but that’s not at issue here.

            For as good as you are at recreating characters within your personal style, Near, Anonymouz and I have noticed an oddity here, but please recognize that neither of us is making an accusation or raising a red flag.

          2. Post

            I know exactly what you’re saying, I’m saying I disagree. I’m not confused by your points, I just don’t see it at all. Crim is crying out, Elza is smirking while looking at them… What part of that doesn’t “match”? You can find a hundred other hentai images that are the same way. Maybe Elza’s line of sight doesn’t quite line up the way I meant it to, but I can’t abide any of the other points as they’re just nonsense.

  3. ChetFletes

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