Don’t Distract Izuku

I thought it’d be fun to do a pic of the two main boys’ moms from My Hero Academia. I don’t think Mitsuki and Inko ever interact in the series (if they do, it’s probably in some part I haven’t seen), but I still like the idea of pairing these two up. It reminds me a bit of pairing up Bulma and Chi-Chi, and appeals to me for a lot of the same reasons. I also think the dynamic we usually see between Kacchan and Deku would play out differently with these two, with Mitsuki being a dominating top to Inko, but not a mean or abusive one. I tried to capture how I think they’d be together with this pic, both the visual component and Mitsuki’s dialogue. I might revisit this pairing in the future if people seem to like them.


  1. Devin

    So that’s how to calm a member of Bakugo’s family Bakugo time to have your way with Deku

    (Just Kidding I know in your universe they are both bottoms, heck while I think Bakugo tops Deku being a bakudeku shipper, I honestly believe they both the bottom in every ship I have for them.)

    Seeing as Deku and Bakugo are childhood friends/rivals/(in my mind scared boys with massive crushes on each other). It makes total sense that their moms would not even know each other but that they would have sex once in a while. (The husband watches mostly but sometimes he can join them.)

    Also Bakugo’s mom knows he’s into dudes so she’s hoping that he finds someone to fuck the attitude out of him… Hasn’t worked yet.

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