Luck Voltia Character Ask 1

So I have to admit, there’s not much creatively going on in this Ask. ^_^; I remembered feeling Luck would make for a cute bottom when I first drew him on commission, and in that pic I do believe I had the option to use the characters however I wanted. However, it’s hard for anyone to come across as more of a bottom than Kyle does, to me, and while I don’t know Luck very well (or at all) he does seem to have some dominant energy to his character. So this Ask was a chance to use him in a different way, since I don’t really think I’d ever draw him on my own. I figured enough people would enjoy seeing him take some anon dick that this Ask would justify itself.


  1. E

    I think my favorite gay position is reverse cowboy, with the rider’s legs up and spread, so you can see both of their dicks at the same time. Then, the one on top can lay back and simply rock back and forth on the cock below, while the one below either holds his legs open for better penetration, gives him a handjob, or plays with his nipples. And if you’re far enough away, you can see their toes curl as they thrust against each other.
    Sensual and revealing at the same time!

  2. Suneater

    I would love to see Luck x Goku where luck is a top and goku is a bottom since they both love fighting so much. Luck wants to play with strong characters and goku will always do it with anyone so I think they will go well together like your Luffy X Hinata (Haikyuu!!)

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