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Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 3

While a lot of my projects that focus on both male and female characters will alternate between them, that’s not the plan for this comic. However, when thinking of who to have visit the Butt Witch next, I did think Luck might be a fun pick. While it’s not my main priority, I do think this comic will be a fun place to spotlight characters who haven’t gotten a lot of attention. Luck’s not completely forgotten, but he’s not really been featured as much as one might expect given the response my pics of him seem to get. Since people seem to really like him, here he is getting fucked by some of that good green dick.

Clemont Character Ask 1

I thought a new Clemont pic might be well-received, but the tricky part was figuring out who to pair him with. I wanted go with a less-used option, and Luck really hasn’t topped anyone since his debut with Kyle, I don’t think. Once I started thinking about it, it seemed like a fine aesthetic pair (even if I can’t speak to how well they’d click in personalities), and in the end I decided to just go for it and see how people liked the pairing.

Luck Voltia Character Ask 3

I’m not sure how to talk about this one, and I feel like I will probably not represent my thought process well. I don’t really know Luck that well, but I don’t picture him sitting around daydreaming about meeting someone in the Studio like some characters might. I know he likes to seek out powerful opponents, and that might parallel into his Studio self wanting to seek out, like… big cocks or something, but it just didn’t sit right with me. Similarly, I’ve had some Asks I’ve had to pass over trying to pair Luck up with other eclectic-powered characters based solely on their powers being related. I don’t want to do those Asks, because I feel like they’re inviting answers with a lot of electricity flying around, or some electroshock stuff that I just don’t have any interest or intention of drawing. So this is sort of a compromise between a couple of different Luck Asks I didn’t feel I could work with, in an attempt to still give people some Luck yaoi crossover action I hope they will like.

Luck and Asta Character Ask 1

So I admit, I didn’t really know exactly how to answer this question at first. While I’m fairly certain the goal of the question was just to get Asta and Luck together on-screen, I don’t really know enough about either character (or what their missions are like in canon) to do something creative or interesting here. In the end I went with this route, showing a bit of rimming action while having Luck reference one of my more popular comic series (which I think has recontextualized the way the word “special” gets used in the Studio).

Luck Voltia Character Ask 1

So I have to admit, there’s not much creatively going on in this Ask. ^_^; I remembered feeling Luck would make for a cute bottom when I first drew him on commission, and in that pic I do believe I had the option to use the characters however I wanted. However, it’s hard for anyone to come across as more of a bottom than Kyle does, to me, and while I don’t know Luck very well (or at all) he does seem to have some dominant energy to his character. So this Ask was a chance to use him in a different way, since I don’t really think I’d ever draw him on my own. I figured enough people would enjoy seeing him take some anon dick that this Ask would justify itself.