Himawari Uzumaki Character Ask 1

So, I don’t really like doing Asks with Boruto characters for a few reasons. One is the same reason I don’t like doing Naruto Asks, I don’t like the franchise or the art style and it’s unpleasant for me to draw it. However, even worse than Naruto, with Boruto I know nothing about the characters, their dynamics or how they think and talk, so writing answers for them is very much a guessing game. I wanted to throw the Naruto/Boruto fans who follow me a bone, though, so I took my best shot at answering this question with something fun, sexy and (to my best guess) in-character. Hope it turned out alright.


  1. Ozen

    bro you did a rly good job on the reply however sarada never rly goes with boruto alone and she gets angry at him for it but in a sexy way than it is rly good and the way you said it is nice too, only thing that i could nic pick at is borutos face, he looks like he is rly sad for some reason but thats me nik picking rly good job. as always

  2. Animeseven

    Definitely not an ask I would expect lol but you did great, Near. I hope Boruto does more scenes with Luffy in the future ?
    That’s a really well done ask indeed!

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