Asuka Wildstar Character Ask 1

So, for those who don’t know, Asuka Wildstar is the older sister of Siat, the protagonist of my old comic Eromugen and the mascot for Near Hentai Studios. Asuka only appeared briefly in Eromugen, in some flashbacks, but I had always intended to bring her back later. Of course, I never got that far with the comic, so this is actually the first time she’s appeared as an adult (or nude). I’m happy to see some of my older OCs getting to reappear in my current art, since my style’s evolved so much since those olden days, and it’s nice that they’re getting the chance to get naked when they didn’t before.


  1. GH20

    I briefly readed your comic out of curiosity a week ago, and i always wonder what happened to her after escaping.

    Good to see her doing fine!

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