Cat Noir Character Ask 2

I’ve gotten a decent amount of comments and the like asking for more Cat Noir since he first debuted in my work. I haven’t delivered it just because, even though I think he’s cute, I’ve never watched Miraculous and probably never will. I think the show looks fun and cute, I just don’t think I’ll ever be interested in it enough to sit down and watch it, and as a result I don’t have any real feelings towards the characters and never think about drawing them. So, this Ask, which is basically just “Hey, I wanna see Cat Noir again”, is kinda useful in facilitating another appearance with him. So here he is, stretching out that tight ass of his a bit.


  1. Violetty

    I probably won’t watch Miraculous Ladybug either but the characters there sure are cute, so this is very much appreciated.

    Nice to see the site up and running again!

  2. gaylovebutt

    you can do it with characters that fans would like to see, i would love to see this boy get fucked by his best friend

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