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Kiba Inuzuka Character Ask 1

I don’t know if this Subscriber had a specific cat boy in mind for this Ask. There’s a handful of them that I could’ve used, but I thought about Cat Noir and thought it could be fun. Cat Noir has been a character I’ve drawn several times now, but always with an anon. I thought that this Ask could be a fun way to end that streak by pairing him with a top I haven’t used much despite having a number of fans himself.

Cat Noir Character Ask 5

I needed a relatively simple Ask for today for personal reasons, and I thought this one might elucidate some Studio Lore for some folks. Also this will probably be the only time I draw Adrien in his civilian look, one I’m personally much less interested in than his hero look, but maybe some people would wanna see. I think it makes sense for him to use the Cat Noir identity more as just fetish play, especially in his case where his super hero outfit is so close to just being fetish gear anyway.

Cat Noir Character Ask 4

So, Cat Noir has shown up pretty much exclusively with random anon men in my work so far, so there’s no denying how he spends his time in the Studio. That being said, I really can’t picture him not being interested in Marinette if she ever made it in. In fact, if I did ever draw her, I think that it’d most likely be in a pic with him… so I felt I had to acknowledge that. That being said, his cute twinky design does lead me to want to focus on drawing him getting dicked down, as seen here.

Cat Noir Character Ask 3

I haven’t done a Cat Noir pic in a while, and I thought people might like seeing him show off the goods. Since I try to avoid showing characters dressed for Asks, I couldn’t show how his ass looks in his tights, but I guess you could watch the show to get an idea of how it looks.

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Cat Noir Character Ask 2

I’ve gotten a decent amount of comments and the like asking for more Cat Noir since he first debuted in my work. I haven’t delivered it just because, even though I think he’s cute, I’ve never watched Miraculous and probably never will. I think the show looks fun and cute, I just don’t think I’ll ever be interested in it enough to sit down and watch it, and as a result I don’t have any real feelings towards the characters and never think about drawing them. So, this Ask, which is basically just “Hey, I wanna see Cat Noir again”, is kinda useful in facilitating another appearance with him. So here he is, stretching out that tight ass of his a bit.

Cat Noir

This is a Mini Commission taken from my pool of Mini Commission ideas submitted by supporters. The concept submitted here was just for Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug (or whichever name for the series you prefer, I’ve seen a ton) to be in some sort of ass-focused yaoi. I almost did a doggystyle POV pic, but I sort of shifted gears and did it this way instead. I’ve come close to drawing this character a number of times, but since I never watched Miraculous I never felt much of a connection to him and it was hard to maintain a personal interest in the pics. We’ve finally got him here, though, and I hope y’all enjoy seeing this side of him.