Horohoro Character Ask 3

I’m not sure how much it showed in the Ask I did with Yoh recently, but I’m trying to shift the way I draw the Shaman King characters to more closely match the newer anime, now that it’s out. I think the style of that show fits into my work a bit better than the classic show, or even the manga. Horohoro’s design is more distinctly different in the new show than Yoh’s, though, so I think it’s pretty clear I drew him different than usual here. I thought this Ask would be a good way to try out the new look, since it’s not only the first time I’ve drawn him in a little bit, but the Ask itself is focused on his growth/change since debuting.
As for his answer, I figured it’d be funny to answer mostly visually, with a simple one-word explanation. Compared to his shoot with Luffy, Gon and Killua, Horohoro seems to know his way around big cocks now.


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