99% Perspiration

So, for the Fourth of July this year Netflix released an animated film called “America: The Motion Picture”. I’m not sure how many people saw it, but it was a satirical look at the founding of America, with a bunch of historical inaccuracies played for comedic effect. Think a big, dumb action movie where everyone is named after historical figures (sometimes vaguely resembling them), with the sense of humor/vibe of something like Archer. At any rate, Thomas Edison in the film is a Chinese woman with electric gauntlets, and was probably my favorite part of the film. Most of the cast is fairly sexy, but I really wanted to draw her, so here she is with the film’s version of Geronimo. They don’t have a specifically intimate relationship in the film, but they did seem to know each other before the movie, and he’s also just the hottest guy in the film (my opinion), so I paired them up.


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