Jolyne Cujoh Character Ask 1

Jolyne’s definitely gotten more popular with the anime adaptation of Stone Ocean. I personally like her quite a bit, too, even if I’m hesitant to go all-in on the JoJo art style. Since I haven’t seen Stone Ocean, though, I don’t actually have any ideas for her, or even know what characters it’d make sense to pair her with, but Asks like this give me an excuse to draw her a bit more, anyway. While I’m not an expert on her personality, my understanding of her makes me feel like she wouldn’t be particularly bothered or flattered either way with the increased attention to her ass that the strip search scene might’ve garnered her, hence her nonchalant answer.


  1. Deku14all

    This is a good ask I love the way you draw jolyne and I hope we get to see her appear in the studio more often keep up the amazing work Nearphotison

  2. Syrup

    Ever since she appeared in kizuku’s ask, I was looking forward to seeing her again in the studio. You do a great job at drawing her and capturing that JoJo feel, and the pose is perfect too ❤️❤️❤️

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