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March ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot for March of 2023! The idea behind the winning script this month was a bunch of fit ladies having fun in the Studio gym, including a little cameo from Eromugen’s Potia in the second panel, there. The last panel was left open to me, so I went with two on-theme girls I don’t draw a often as I’d like, A-ko and Jolyne.

Jolyne Cujoh Character Ask 1

Jolyne’s definitely gotten more popular with the anime adaptation of Stone Ocean. I personally like her quite a bit, too, even if I’m hesitant to go all-in on the JoJo art style. Since I haven’t seen Stone Ocean, though, I don’t actually have any ideas for her, or even know what characters it’d make sense to pair her with, but Asks like this give me an excuse to draw her a bit more, anyway. While I’m not an expert on her personality, my understanding of her makes me feel like she wouldn’t be particularly bothered or flattered either way with the increased attention to her ass that the strip search scene might’ve garnered her, hence her nonchalant answer.

Kizuku Midyck Character Ask 2

This Ask was submitted shortly after I released Kizuku’s bio, which revealed his interest in butts. I also got a number of Asks revolving around Jolyne once people realized she was in the Studio (debuted in November of 2013), specifically around the cavity search scene from the first episode of the anime. I wasn’t really able to get to the other Asks, but I thought this one might be a fun way to re-introduce Jolyne in my work, especially now that the anime’s provided a more consistent reference point for her style and color scheme. I decided to leave the actual searching up to the imagination, so exactly how he decided to probe deeper is up to you.

JoJo’s Bizarre Beauties

Here we have a commission I recently completed featuring three girls from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Daiya Higashikata, Jolyne Kujo, and Yasuho Hirose. I admit, I’ve never read the manga or anything, but I’ve always been fascinated by some of the more pop-art covers in the mangas and video games and such. I took my cue with the colors from that style, which is why they’re all green and pink here. I had a lot of fun with these psychedelic colors, and hopefully you all will as well!