Judy and Evie

A while back I drew Judy, the protagonist of Birdgirl, with Charlie and Meredith, my favorite girls from that series. I decided to go back to the show and also do pics of her with Evie and Gillian, the other two main gals in the cast. Evie here is introduced a bit later in the first season. I never really got what her deal was meant to be, but she’s cute enough. I’ve got the Gillian pic started, so hopefully that will come along before too long and I’ll have the full female cast in the Studio.


  1. Loli Lover

    I love Evie, she’s my favorite on the show. Her personality and how she openly speak and say what’s on her mind is what draw me too her. Also, she’s sort of a obscure loli, not many know of her and there’s barely any arts of her which make me wish more knew of her.

  2. Allison

    Oooh, I love this! I hope you get to do Gillian with Judy as well. And if possible, Judy using her wanky?

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