Gillian at Work

I enjoyed the second season of Birdgirl, and it got me motivated to draw more of the series. Part of that was the recent Ask, but I had several ideas for standalone pics I wanted to do (we’ll see how many of them make it this far). The first thing I wanted to do was to round out the main cast (that is, the main cast I’m interested in), since I’d paired all of them except Gillian with Judy up to now. Gillian is Judy’s loyal secretary, and I thought a fun scenario would be for Judy to have her dick her down for some stress relief in the office.


  1. Loli Lover

    Congrats! You pair Judy up with all of the female members of the show. Now pair them all up together in an orgy. That’ll be great to see.

  2. Frank

    I love everything about this.
    Not only is it super arousing but it’s also very on brand for both of their characters.
    Just something about that show has me thinking that many of the characters would be very down to bang, especially these two.

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