18 Anal

18’s an odd character for me. I draw her plenty, she made it into the calendar project after all, but compared to Chi-Chi and Bulma her number of appearances is pretty slim. However, I have tons of unfinished sketches of her that just never make it to the inking and coloring stages (usually simple pics of her and Krillin). I decided to rectify that a bit by finishing this pic I started a few months ago. I hope y’all like it.


  1. Quras39

    Great drawing. I love your works, especially the one with the Dragon Ball female figures.
    I always look forward to seeing the announcements in the upcoming posts.

    I’m also interested in the footjob drawing which is next to that in the announcements and the next drawing from the NHS MILFs series will probably be android 21 aka vomi if I’m not mistaken?

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