First Kiss

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is a show I checked out recently. It’s mostly just cutesy fluff, but I did like the characters and there were quite a few I think I might like to try drawing, if I can find the time. I did decide to go ahead and do the main couple, though, Izumi-kun and Shikimori-san. The gimmick of the show is that these two are dating, but Shikimori takes the more domineering, traditionally masculine role in the relationship. Izumi, conversely, is sweet and delicate, and also has supernaturally bad luck that Shikimori has to keep saving him from. In the first season there’s a lot of anticipation over if and when they’ll have their first kiss, so I thought it’d be fun to see Shikimori skip a few steps and kiss him further south first.


  1. Ruben Torres

    Nice art Near hope to see more from both of these characters also I see a dildo laying next to them could that be a future sign for another pic

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