Homura Kogetsu Character Ask 1

While I don’t have much interest in drawing the Edens Zero characters again, I did have one subject I’d set aside in my mind as something I’d be willing to have them discuss if it ever came up. I haven’t watched this show, but I did have to watch several clips on YouTube in preparation for the NHML with Kurenai so I feel like I have some grasp on their relationship. In the climax of the struggle with Kurenai, Homura cuts all ties and feelings, positive or negative, with her mother. I don’t think the Studio would really change this, and I picture them not interacting at all in the Studio. I figured I’d let Homura explain this if it came up, and this question was close enough to justify it. I feel like the question itself was probably fishing for some BDSM femdom stuff with Kurenai, but I just don’t think that fits with my understanding of the characters.


  1. GH20

    Valkyrie Yuna is surpringsilly underlewded, and i like the pose you use for her here.

    Good to see females from Fairy Tail and Edens Zero getting more and more attention of the Subscibers, as these 2 franchises constantly nominate them for nhml, and honestly, all of them are hotties i wouldn’t mind seeing more of at all.

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