Ciel Likes to be Fucked

This is a Mini Commission featuring Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. The cock  and speech bubble are meant to belong to Sebastian, Ciel’s butler. I never watched Black Butler, and I don’t know much about these characters or their relationship, but I hope y’all like this appearance from them. 🙂


  1. HaZe-E

    HEEY Near, just gotta say love your work. Seriously, cute guys, cute feet, sweet holes being filled? Fucking A, but to the topic at hand. This is in a way pretty much spot on. Though in my opinion, Ciel seems like he has a thing for bdsm & being a P.B.(Power Bottom). So after awhile this looks like how he could get if really… horny, if Bassy(Sebastian) almost died for like the 50th time. All in all wunderbar work mate, keep up the sexiness brother.

    side note, if Mace is supposedly a “milf wrecker” why are those buns out on his/your bio card, HMMMMM??!?

  2. Ichabod

    Very sexy pic. I wish you did more Ciel. If he were real I’d totally pound his little bussy. Love that Victorian shota ass.

  3. Devin

    When Ciel isn’t solving crimes or needing to be saved by his butler Sebastian he lets the butler fuck him.

    Ciel is has to give his soul to Sebastian but maybe if they have sex he can keep it, the sexual tension is already there so it’s a smart plan.

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