Tournament of Lust

Tournament of Lust, Page Four

And now, finally, we have a conclusion to our first match. Working on these four pages has given me a good idea of how long this comic will end up taking me to produce, and it’s gonna be long. Hopefully it’ll be a fun ride, though, as I’m pretty happy with the comic so far and have some stuff I’m excited for planned down the line. I’ll be starting work on the next page soon, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s ready.

Tournament of Lust, Page Two

I was hoping the turnaround on page two would be a bit quicker than it has been, but I’ve had a lot of things slowing down production beyond the normal high workload. However, I did manage to get it done, and now we’re getting into the action. I’m currently expecting at least two more pages of this round; we’ll see how long it takes me to get those out.

Tournament of Lust, Page One

This is the first page of a project I’ve been mulling over. I’ve tried and failed to get some sort of competition-based event set in the Studio off the ground for a few years now, and I finally decided to just go ahead and get this variation of it going. I figure if the comic is actively running, it’ll be easier for me to commit to it, though I suspect this one’s gonna be running for quite a long time. The tournament itself is going to be fairly long, on top of my usual slow turnaround for comic pages. I don’t plan to put this one in the comic rotation, though, rather I’ll update it when I can like with Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend and Addicted to My Little Brother’s Ass.

For our first match-up, we’ve got a rematch from late DBZ with Android 18 and Vegeta. Having these two go at it sounded fun to me, and I think their dynamic will make for an interesting first match of the ToL. The match itself will probably last a handful of pages, the first of which I’ll be getting to work on soon, hopefully.