First Shoot #1 – Yor Forger

So, this is a new series idea I’m trying out called “First Shoot”. The premise here is that I run a poll for my higher-end Subscribers (except for this first one, which was open to all subs) with a list of characters who are not in the Studio yet, but would make good fits. The winner of the poll then gets to appear in a two-panel introductory comic, like you see here, with the second panel featuring them performing with a random existing member of the Studio. The partner is truly random, too, selected from the full list of characters I’ve drawn before. Toi Kuji was the lucky partner for Yor, which I think is interesting. Aesthetically I think he makes a good match for her, but obviously the Sarazanmai boys are usually just used for yaoi content. I figured Toi would want to give her some advice, since he’s appeared a number of times in my work, and I thought maybe it’d play well into Yor’s concerns over her performance.

Selfie for Haruka

So, a big part of Kazuki’s character in Sarazanmai (spoilers) is that he crossdresses as the idol Sara Azuma to take selfies for his brother Haruka. This is presented fairly wholesomely in the show, but I’m a degenerate so I made this. As cute as Kazuki is normally, I’m especially into him in this wig and makeup. I’d kinda like to do some more naughty selfies with him… maybe in the Studio? I dunno, but I hope y’all like this one.

Kazuki Yasaka Character Ask 2

I had a pretty good idea of how to handle this Ask right away. I figured the most fun answer would be to see Kazuki spending time with both Toi and a new friend, so here we are. I wanted to use someone in the ballpark of the same age as the Sarazanmai boys, and while the Camp Buddy characters are technically older, they look the same age to me. I used Taiga after thinking about how he was talking about wanting to make new friends in one of his older Asks, so I thought it’d be a good fit. Plus, Kazuki’s already acquainted with Keitaro from that game through a previous Ask, too.

Toi Kuji Character Ask 3

So this one’s pretty simple! The Asker just wanted to see Toi in a crossover pairing, and I can’t think of any reason why not. I also know there’s a bit of a demand to see Vegeta topping more characters, plus there’s a nice parallel here to an older Ask with Goku and Kazuki. If Kazuki is analogous to Goku, then Toi would have to be the Vegeta, I’d think.

Keitaro Nagame Character Ask 2

So, of course, my first thought with this question was that it’d be a good chance to do Keitaro with Tsuyu (who is, naturally, the girl he mentions in his answer). Especially given the weird response I’ve gotten from using Camp Buddy characters in straight art in the past, it seemed like a good opportunity to lean into that. The problem was, for whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like they were a good fit. Both Keitaro and Tsuyu are amiable types who I’m sure would get along, but connecting people through a frog motif, especially considering how understated Keitaro’s us… I dunoo, it just didn’t click for me. As for other frog characters in the Studio, I couldn’t think of many. Naruto might technically count, although I think it might actually be a toad for him, but he’s more associated with the nine-tail fox anyway. So I skipped this question the first few times I saw it, but then I thought about pairing him with Kazuki from Sarazanmai. Kazuki’s a very similar “normal boy” type of character, and people seem to like whenever I use the Sarazanmai boys, so here we are. Hopefully the answer’s not too disappointing for anyone who would’ve enjoyed Keitaro x Tsuyu, but I think this answer fits in more and allows for a bit of a twist from the question’s premise.

Son Goku Character Ask 18

I know there’s been a lot of DBZ Asks recently, but this one kinda jumped out at me once I realized I knew how I wanted to answer it. I’ve never pictured Goku as being a guy out on the prowl for fresh ass to plow, it just doesn’t seem like him. However, reputation goes a long way, and by this point Goku’s fucked a long list of boys (most of them protagonists of their own series). I did like the idea of adding another name to that list in the form of Kazuki from Sarazanmai. He’s a real cute boy that I thought would work well for this Ask, where Goku explains the situation.

Toi Kuji Character Ask 2

Sorry this answer’s not as wordy as some others… I didn’t feel this question left much room for creativity, but I did think it’d be fun to see Toi getting fucked by one of the other boys. Between Enta and Kazuki, Kazuki’s definitely the one I see filling this role better (due to his switch tendencies I talked about in his own Ask not that long ago). I’m also just not sure if Enta would even be that interested… I can see him being game for threesome fun, but I don’t think he’s interested in Toi so much. He only has eyes for Kazuki. Kazuki seems much for flexible to me, hence the outcome we get here.

Kazuki Yasaka Character Ask 1

So now each of the three Sarazanmai boys have gotten an Ask in this batch! Kazuki has major switch energy in my eyes, but I figured having him answer this way would give me the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do with him. In the anime he sometimes dresses up as Sara-chan, an idol in their world, for reasons I won’t get into here. I think he pulls off the look well, and this was as good an excuse as any to draw him taking dick with the Sara-chan wig and stuff.