Cat Noir Character Ask 3

I haven’t done a Cat Noir pic in a while, and I thought people might like seeing him show off the goods. Since I try to avoid showing characters dressed for Asks, I couldn’t show how his ass looks in his tights, but I guess you could watch the show to get an idea of how it looks.

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:


  1. Violetty

    I always assumed you were a Dragon Ball mega fan 😆 Well, that video was informative. I hope you feel alittle better towards the New Year

  2. Devin

    The show shows his and Ladybug walking where we can see their butts (the world has made slow motion edits) so Naturally we needed to see a nude pic!

    Also yes I prefer my gifts unwrapped!

    Happy (Late) Holidays

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