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Yoinks Briimura Character Ask 1

When I was first designing Yoinks, I was joking around with some friends about his silly name. Bakugoku also came up in a similar context, and we started joking about how funny it’d be for them to fuck, moaning each other’s silly names back and forth. While we were just kidding around, I had a feeling at least one person (the Subscriber who asked this question) might actually want to see that. I figured this Ask was as good an excuse as any to pair them up.

Fusion Bios – Bakugoku

Here’s the bio page for Bakugoku, the first of two Bakugo/Saiya-jin fusions we ended up with. I had a pretty good idea of Bakugoku’s fashion sense and personality early on, so I’m happy to finally have him fleshed out here. I know this was one of the less popular fusions I’ve done, but I hope getting to see more than just the one drawing of him will help make him more likable for some of ya.

NHS Fusion – Bakugoku

Goku and Bakugou won the latest Fusion poll on SubscribeStar. Technically, I should’ve named him differently, mixing Bakugou with Son and Katsuki with Goku. I just thought the name Bakugoku was really funny, and threw out my usual naming conventions ’cause I liked it. I imagine Bakugoku’s personality is probably not unlike Vegito’s, since Bakugou’s personality is somewhat similar to Vegeta’s. There’s something… tiger-like about this fusion, I feel, which is interesting ’cause neither of his base components make me think of tigers.