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NHS MILFs – Bunny Bravo

I made a joke about doing Bitzi’s NHS MILFs pic during the “Year of the Rabbit”, but I thought we could also do one for our resident rabbit-named mom, Bunny. I’m really enjoying drawing her when I can, and I hope people will like seeing her again. There’s actually one other rabbit mom I’d kind of like to draw, but she’s not in the Studio yet. So, I guess I need to decide if I want to use NHS MILFs as a series characters can debut in, or if I want to draw her in something like MomSwap first.


Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Corey Park Character Ask 6

I was a little unsure about this Ask at first, since it was so straightforward I was worried it might be a little boring. However, I really like Bunny Bravo and wanted to draw more of her, and Corey’s a natural partner for her… Once I thought of the idea of Corey making a trade with Johnny, though, I figured that was enough of a twist to help make things interesting. Maybe we’ll get to see Johnny and Dumpsey eventually, too, who knows, but for now I hope y’all enjoy this one.

Whoah, Mama!

I’ve wanted to draw Bunny Bravo for a while now, so I figured now that I’ve broken the ice with this franchise I should just go ahead and do it. Johnny as her partner, with his signature catch phrase, just felt like no-brainers once I decided to go ahead and draw her.