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Near Pokédex M133 – Eevee

So here’s Eevee, who tied with Squirtle in the last Near Pokédex poll I ran. Now that they’re both done, I’ll be moving on to an entry for the female Pokédex (which one has yet to be determined). Hope you all like this entry. It didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped, so it’s difficult for me to look at it with fresh eyes, but I think it’s at least still cute.

Near Pokédex F133 – Eevee

I wasn’t expecting to have this pic ready by now, but like so many of these Pokédex entries it ended up moving a lot faster than I’d thought it would. I’m pretty happy with this one, and hopefully those who disliked the last few female entries can enjoy this one a bit more.

Eevee’s entire evolution line is pretty great, and I’m looking forward to working with most of them. First, though, I wanted to get the base form covered. I’m pretty happy with how Eevee turned out, hopefully you guys will like her, too.