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March ’22 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot comic I did for Subscribers in March. Like all of my monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this page was submitted by one of my supporters on SubscribeStar: https://subscribestar.adult/nearphotison

The idea for this one was to pair the Butt Witch from Twelve Forever up with various characters from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I’ve only ever seen one episode of this anime, but I hope I captured all these characters correctly. The script specified that the last couple panels had to feature a futa Butt Witch, so she used her body morphing abilities to accommodate the script.

Sweet Dreams are Reviewees

This is a music video I made for the 18+ AMV contest at Naka-Kon this year. I’ve been watching and enjoying Interspecies Reviewers, and it seemed like a natural fit for the 18+ contest. Since I had to have it ready for the contest, I couldn’t use the newest episode that aired this weekend (although that ended up not mattering, as the convention was postponed due to coronavirus concerns). I know there’ll be more episodes with good clips in the future, too, so maybe once the series wraps up I’ll do a new HMV or a redux of this one or something.

Anyway, expect a bit of art from this series in the future. I’ve already got three pics on the Post Schedule, and will probably do a bit more down the line.