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Jazmine DuBois Character Ask 1

While I try not to overdo it, I always enjoy pairing strange or non-human characters with humans, and this Jazmine Ask sounded fun to me for that reason. I have no idea if anyone else will enjoy it as much as I do, but we haven’t seen Jazmine in a while and I just got the itch to draw this when I read the question. Jazmine, like many little girls, is obsessed with ponies in The Boondocks. While the episode most highlighting this is about a “real” pony, she does have the vibe of a girl who’d also enjoy something like My Little Pony. I went with Fluttershy for her partner here purely because I think she’s the member of the Mane 6 Jazmine would like the best.

July 24, Page 05

Here is page five of a very old commissioned comic I’m finally getting around to wrapping up. ^_^ With all the blowjobs in the last page, it’s time for Alex to get his dick wet in some different holes.
It’s been a long time since I frequented MLP porn sites, but I seem to recall there being some debate over how to handle their sex parts. I know for a while it was very popular when keeping the character equine to have them shown with horse-like vaginas and boobs on their pelvises. The client who bought this comic prefers the approach I used here, with breasts just gone completely and the pussies looking decidedly more human. So that’s what I went with.

July 24, Page 03

Okay, so it’s been long enough most of you may not even know what this comic is, but July 24 is a My Little Pony commissioned comic I sold back in 2016. The person who bought the pages has been very patient with me while I work on other projects, but now my rotation of comics has come around to this one. After this page, there are four left, so I think what I’d like to do is just stick with this one until it’s over. It’s been long enough, and the comic is short enough, that I think it’s only fair I try my best to finish it sometime in 2020. We’ll see how well I do on that, but for now we’ve finally got page three! This is also the first pornographic page of the comic, so that’s exciting. Hopefully it won’t be too terribly long before I’m back with page four!

Twilight Sparkle Character Ask 1

This month we’re getting a lot of “#1” Asks and I love it. This one is referencing an old pic that was meant to be part of a series, where Twilight finds and reads a saucy excerpt from Princess Celestia’s diary. Since that pic was all about establishing an anthro design for the My Little Pony characters, I stuck with that design for this Ask. I’ve been thinking about going back to this series, though I don’t think my MLP stuff has been particularly popular.

Credit where credit is due, I looked to Kevinsano’s work a lot for this design (both in the original pic and now going back to it). I just think their anthro pony work is the best out there, so I took my cues there.

Celestia’s Diary, Part One

So for a little over a year, now, I’ve been wanting to take a stab at some anthro versions of the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was discussing the idea with my goof friend Anya Lykke, and through discussion and bouncing ideas off of each other we eventually arrived at a new series of pics I’m trying out. The premise is pretty straight-forward… Princess Celestia has lead a full, slutty life, and when Twilight discovers documentation of her escapades she’s so excited that (after enjoying her favorite parts) she begins to share the diary with her friends. This will allow me to try out anthro designs for each of the mane six, and they’ll all be tied together by this nice little theme. Anya is providing the diary excerpts, as she’s quite the talented writer, so all credit for that portion goes to her.

If you’re having trouble reading the font used, here’s what the diary entry says:

“I knew from the dream she sent mine sister would visit me this night. The warm breath from her muzzle teased the inside of my thighs, and I quivered in anticipation.
“Be still, sister mine,” Luna murmured, her lips at my center, “for I wish to enjoy you as though you slumbered unaware.”
My heart beat faster. Oh how well she knew my deepest fantasies! The hot moist softness of her tongue dragged from just above the delicate rose of my ass while her deft and nimble fingers worked their way deep inside my already wet and willing royal cunt.
“Luna!” I gasped.
“Silence,” my twin moon murmured, her tongue pressing down against my clit. “Make noise only when I will thee.”
I folded a wing over my muzzle, feathers to muffle my moans, and writhed against mine sister’s touches. Her fingers and tongue worked in musical synchrony, and a burning heat in my belly begged for release. Harder and harder did Luna bear down with her tongue, merciless in her suckling torture to my now swollen clit.
“Please!” I whimpered.
Two sopping fingers were crammed into my mouth, and I could taste myself on my sister’s flesh. She eyed me feverishly, playfully, and I licked them clean.
“I said to be silent, Celestia…””