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Corey Park Character Ask 3

I know this Subscriber’s tasted well enough to have a pretty good idea which furry girls they had in mind when posting this question. However, when it comes to Corey Park, I feel like his tastes have been pretty well-established, and the first furry in the Studio who came to mind as a potential partner for him was Grammi Gummi. Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed that it wasn’t one of their faves who got the spot in this Ask, but I have to answer in-character and Corey/Grammi just made too much sense to me.

Cavin and Grammi

Working on Gummi Bears art for the November NHML reminded me of Grammi Gummi, the matriarch figure in the Gummi Bears group. I think she has a really pleasant design, and I wanted to try something with her and Cavin, the main human boy of the series. I’ve talked before about enjoying cartoony anthro characters being paired with humans, and this is exactly why I did this pairing here.