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Frieza and Hobbes

This is a follow-up to an earlier commission I did on the list of Twenty. That commission was a birthday present, and the young lady it was a present for liked it so much she came along and bought one of the slots that were still open at the time. This is what she wanted, a little montage of Frieza and her OC Hobbes next to a window of his ship looking out at the stars. I think her relationship with Frieza is very cute, even if it’s quite a bit different than the way I usually write him.

So here’s a little update on my status with the list of Twenty (which I need to finish before I can start the commissions sold this past weekend). I had a client who bought three slots, the first of which I drew up in January. He told me he needed some changes done, but not what the changes were, and then I didn’t hear back from him until just this past Saturday. I still don’t know what changes he wants made, but he promised to tell me soon. If he does, then I’ll have to go back to work on not only that commission, but the other two he bought, which will set me back some as they were all three pictures I expected to take a long time to do.

Frieza Birthday Present

So this one is a bit different from my normal commission fare. This is a birthday present from the client who commissioned it, for the owner of the OC paired with Frieza here (I later found out her name is Hobbes). Her birthday isn’t until the end of December, but I was told it would be okay to go ahead and post it here.

Normally I do not accept OC commissions. I made an exception in this case because I thought the gesture was incredibly sweet; I love the idea of my work being someone’s present. The OC’s creator is a big fan of Frieza, and apparently likes my comic Space Emperor Slut. I was shown a handful of her own art featuring this pairing, and I thought they were super cute. So, I had a few reasons to accept this commission.

I do not know if she will see this post before her birthday. If she does, then I wish her an early happy birthday myself. It was an honor to contribute in some small way.