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Sora Character Ask 2

So this one’s kinda wholesome, right? I mean, we’ve got two naked people here, but other than that it’s kinda wholesome. I dunno. This is one where the visual part isn’t super interesting, really, but I knew how I wanted to answer it so I just ran with it. This is also the first time we’re seeing the older Kingdom Hearts 2 Kairi. The One-Shot used the original game’s designs, but I’ve always used KH2 Sora as my “default” for things like the Studio Tour game or Asks, so I figured I should use the same Kairi. It’d be a little weird to see KH2 Sora answer with his arm around KH1 Kairi, I think… Anyway, Sora’s got a new friend in the studio so that’s great for him.

January ’20 One-Shot

Here’s last month’s One-Shot comic, released here now. This one sees Sora pairing up with a handful of princesses from the first Kingdom Hearts game. A lot of this one was left up to me, including poses and locations. I tried to place each scene in an area from the game where Sora actually met the character being shown. Hope you all enjoy the comic page!