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Denji Character Ask 3

I thought this Ask could be a fun way of continuing Denji’s ongoing struggle in the Studio. I think it makes sense that, with him choosing to avoid full-on sex for the time being, he’d develop a growing interest in other sexual actions. I thought he’d enjoy getting footjobs from two girls at once, and I decided to dig deeper into the Studio’s roster for his partners. Mariah’s a JoJo’s character that, like every JoJo’s character in the Studio, I drew on commission years ago when I took commissions regularly. Nagi is the lead girl of Kannagi, a show I enjoyed like a decade ago but don’t remember that well. She came in through the old CrossOver Yuri series, but has been in the 1 Club until now.

COY 9 – Nagi/Haruka/Koto

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I’ve compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

Once again, I’m afraid this is a case of my reach over extending my boundaries. I really wanted this pic to be awesome, Amara Tenoh (Haruka Tenoh) is my absolute favorite Sailor Scout, and I really love Kannagi, too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready (and, indeed, may still not be) for a pose like this. All things considered, it turned out alright. It definitely could have been a lot worse. Still, I’d love to this pic done better justice some day…