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Rebecca Bluegarden Character Ask 1

Anzu got quite a few Asks submitted after her debut, which I was happy to see. I would’ve liked to do more of them this month, but the timing didn’t work out well for it. I did want to do at least one, though, and picked this one out of a few that I liked because I thought the “gamer girl” dynamic could be played in a cute way. I liked this idea of Rebecca taking the Studio approach to a question like this, while Anzu’s just focusing on her gaming. If I can, I want to do a lot more with Anzu in the coming months, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her down the road.

July ’23 One-Shot

The winning One-Shot script for July of 2023 was submitted by a Subscriber who’s always pushing for more Fairy Tail and FT-adjacent content, so naturally the script itself is full of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero characters. I don’t really know anything about any of these characters, but hopefully I did them justice for fans of these series. All of these characters are new to the Studio, too, so I guess that’s kind of exciting for anyone who wanted to see more FT or EZ from me. A lot of the characters from these shows, especially the ladies, tend to sport multiple looks throughout the series. I don’t always know which looks are preferred by fans, or are the more iconic designs or whatever, but I tried to go with the designs I saw the most in my Google searches or that I personally liked.