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Natsu and Rin by the Pool

This is a commission I did where the client wanted to see Natsu from Fairy Tail and Rin from Blue Exorcist having some summertime fun. They wanted them to be in a poolside chair, but didn’t give any directions about the chair’s design or color, so I made them match the ones we see around the pool at the Near Hentai Studio in my game. I know a lot of people like both these boys and wanted to see more of them, so I hope you all enjoy the end result here!

Exorcist Footjob

This here’s another Mini Commission done for one of my supporters. The idea here was to get Rin Okumura giving a footjob, which is pretty straightforward. I never watched Blue Exorcist (and have only drawn Rin once before), but I tried to capture what I could find of Rin’s personality when looking into the show a bit (seems like he often has a grin like this, which I think is a pretty hot expression). I also wanted to get the tail in frame ’cause, hey, tails are fun. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pic. ^_^

August ’18 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic selected by my supporters for August. This is another “each panel is a different pairing” one (as is the one I’ll be making public next month), with an all-yaoi bend this time around. Our first panel features probably the three most popular boys from my Applebridge setting, Loren, Mace and Jackie, while the second panel is Chris with Sonic, Knuckles and Silver (who to the best of my knowledge was never actually in Sonic X). The bottom two panels feature crossovers, with one being the ever-popular DBZ/H×H, and the other a unique Pokémon/Inuyasha/Blue Exorcist blend. Hope you all enjoy!