August ’18 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic selected by my supporters for August. This is another “each panel is a different pairing” one (as is the one I’ll be making public next month), with an all-yaoi bend this time around. Our first panel features probably the three most popular boys from my Applebridge setting, Loren, Mace and Jackie, while the second panel is Chris with Sonic, Knuckles and Silver (who to the best of my knowledge was never actually in Sonic X). The bottom two panels feature crossovers, with one being the ever-popular DBZ/H×H, and the other a unique Pokémon/Inuyasha/Blue Exorcist blend. Hope you all enjoy!

COY 0 – Two For the Price of One

Okay, so I have a lot of catching up to do with this blog, since I’ve been drawing for a little over a year now. Likely not all my work will end up here, but all new work will. That being said, I don’t want to bulk upload the COY pics the way I have my other work, so we’re going at this series one at a time.

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I’ve compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

Today’s COY is a special one, in that it’s the only pic in the series to not be randomly generated (which is why it’s number zero, and not number one). These two characters, Angewomon and Sesshoumaru’s Mom, where the first two characters I drew by request. This pic commemorates that fact. As an added bonus, click “Read more” to see the pics that resulted in this image.