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Chica Bent Over

The reason for this pic is pretty simple, just like the pic itself. I felt like I needed to get Glamrock Chica into the Studio, and the only way to do that is to draw her. I didn’t really have any big or exciting ideas for her, though, and if I did a complicated pic I wasn’t excited or motivated for, then it’d probably never get done. So I did a quick, simple pic, highlighting a fun side of her. I couldn’t find any evidence of her having a tail in the game itself, but it felt weird for her to not have one so I gave her a tiny one. I hope y’all will like it.

Roxanne Wolf Character Ask 1

This wasn’t a pairing I’d considered, but when I thought about it I figured they’d match up pretty well color scheme-wise (especially with the colors of the Asks background this month). I also just like drawing Butt Witch, and also wanted another crack at Roxy as I wasn’t super happy with her last pic. There’s gonna be more Butt Witch coming up soon, so I hope most of you will be game for that!

Am I Your Favorite Now?

I’ve had a passing interest in Five Nights at Freddy’s smut for a while, mostly as a curiosity. I did find it interesting, however, when I saw the new Security Breach game. For whatever reason, it feels like this game is really leaning into trying to be lewded, which is an unexpected aesthetic direction for a horror franchise to be sure. Regardless, Roxanne Wolf from this game was submitted for a Mini Commission with Gregory in an anon role. I don’t really plan to do any more FNAF at this time, but I guess you never know. I worry that in this pic I leaned a bit too heavily into how her animatronic in the game looks, I’m not sure but if I do end up drawing her (or any of the others) again, I might try and get further away from that. Regardless, I hope you all like this little divergence from what I normally draw.