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Hange Zoë Character Ask 1

I don’t know if I’ve addressed it before, but there’s been a bit of a pattern of me answering this type of Ask (pairing up “science” gals with other “science” gals) with this position. I thought it’d be fun to do the same with Hange, and Thomas Edison came to mind as someone who might be closer to Hange’s level than a lot of the sci-fi mad scientist characters in the Studio.

Thomas Edison Character Ask 1

There’ve been a handful of Thomas Edison questions submitted every month since her debut, but I’ve usually had one reason or another to go with other questions each time. I decided to go ahead and answer this one, though, just because I really wanted to draw her again. This Ask is pretty similar to the Hatsume/Entrapta Ask, even down to the posing, but with Thomas and Reagan instead. I paired her with Reagan just because she’s also a character I’d like to do more with who fits into the inventor category.

America’s Tits

Recently, while working on a Thomas Edison Ask (one which will, funnily enough, go public after this pic), it occurred to me that I had time to do an America: The Motion Picture pic for Independence Day. The movie debuted on Netflix for last year’s 4th of July, so I figured I could do this pic for the one-year anniversary. I don’t usually think to do holiday pics outside of Christmas and Halloween, but the timing worked out this time. In this pic we see Thomas showing off the bountiful bosom of Martha Washington, George’s wife. Thomas was my favorite girl from this film, but Martha was pretty nice in her own right. I personally prefer a makeover she gets during the finale, and maybe I’ll draw that version of her eventually, but for now I’m happy to have her debut along with a new Thomas pic in time for America’s birthday.

99% Perspiration

So, for the Fourth of July this year Netflix released an animated film called “America: The Motion Picture”. I’m not sure how many people saw it, but it was a satirical look at the founding of America, with a bunch of historical inaccuracies played for comedic effect. Think a big, dumb action movie where everyone is named after historical figures (sometimes vaguely resembling them), with the sense of humor/vibe of something like Archer. At any rate, Thomas Edison in the film is a Chinese woman with electric gauntlets, and was probably my favorite part of the film. Most of the cast is fairly sexy, but I really wanted to draw her, so here she is with the film’s version of Geronimo. They don’t have a specifically intimate relationship in the film, but they did seem to know each other before the movie, and he’s also just the hottest guy in the film (my opinion), so I paired them up.