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Cindy Quickie

With this pic I wrap up my initial plans for “A Kind of Magic”. I wanted to draw Tom with each of the three lovely ladies in his life, and his sister Cindy here is the last one after his teacher and his mom. I doubt this will be the last time I draw the characters of “A Kind of Magic”, but for now I got my to-do list for the show complete.

By the way, if you like Cindy, her and her mother Willow are currently an option in a poll I’m running on the blog’s sidebar. The poll is the first of two that I’m going to use to cast an upcoming crossover comic, so feel free to vote for them (or any of the other options you’d like to see).

Why Do Little Boys Have to Grow Up?

This puts me two-thirds of the way through my planned “A Kind of Magic” pictures. This time Tom finally gets with his teacher, Miss Tinker, whom he has a huge crush on in the series. I don’t know how often his crush comes up throughout the series, but I know there’s one episode dedicated to him turning himself into an adult to go on a date with her (I may draw that version of Tom with her at some point). The line in this pic is quoted almost directly from the end of that episode.

I’m still planning at least one more AKOM pic of Tom and his sister Cindy. After that I might still return to the series, though, as I really like the characters. I’ve been thinking of a fourth pic of Tom with all three ladies, but I’d also like to try doing some yuri stuff with them. It’s also possible I’ll have more ideas for the characters if and when I watch more of the show.

There’s been a slight change to the comic rotation. I’m usually pretty loose with which comic gets updated when, but the commissioner of “A Trip to the Past” has forwarded some extra money to get the second page out faster (this will not be a regular occurrence with the comic), so likely the next comic update will be that. After we get that page out, I plan to focus on trying to get the next Space Emperor Slut out sometime soon.

Magic MILF

I mentioned before wanting to some more with the show “A Kind of Magic”, and here it is. After drawing Tom setting up his mom and sister with Goten and Trunks for a commission, I started wanting to draw Tom himself with some of the sexy characters from his show. This time it’s just his mom, but I hope to do stuff with him and his sister and teacher as well, somewhere down the line.

A Kind of Magic Crossover

In the spirit of my earlier Goten/Trunks crossover commissions, the same client has returned with a new household for them to crash, the one from French cartoon A Kind of Magic.

I last drew these characters way back in 2010 for the WWOEC Woman of the Month, and I was never happy with how they turned out. The show has a really sleek stylization that I want to at least nod to in my own take, but that’s proven difficult. It was way worse in 2010, but I’m still figuring out exactly how to handle them even now. I think I’m on the right track in this pic, but I feel like it still needs some tweaking.

Hopefully Ill get my chance to try again. I’ve been watching the show, and I would love to draw more of it. Willow and Cindy are both really sexy, and Tom also has a hot teacher he openly crushes on. There’s a lot of incest and straight shota potential is what I’m saying, and followers of my work will know that I enjoy both of those themes.

For this picture, though, we have Tom colluding with Goten and Trunks to get them inside his mother, while his sister provides a titillating show. Goten and Trunks both seem more interested in Willow and her massive ass, but those animal heads are getting an eye-full. For those wondering, no, there are no current plans to have a swap picture like the Incredibles, where Tom bangs Bulma and Chi-Chi. Plans can change, of course, if the commissioner decides they want to see that, but for now this is it for A Kind of Magic in this context. However, the client has hinted at more pictures of Goten and Trunks banging moms from other cartoons, so if you’re into that there may be more on the way in the future.