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Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, Page 3

Here’s the third page of Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, and the final one for now. We’ll be returning to this comic when its turn comes back around in the comic rotation, but for the time being I’ll be shifting focus over to continuing Titans Tower Nights. In this page, Tomoko’s mind starts wandering, and we’ll see it wander even further in future pages when we get back to this comic in the future!

Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, Page 1

This is a new comic I had the idea for while working on A Trip to the Past. This is the next step in my comic rotation, so I’ll be doing a few pages of this comic before moving on to do a few pages of Titans Tower Nights.
This comic was inspired by one of Tomoko’s Asks, and is going to follow the Near Hentai Studio version of her as she masturbates. Starting on the next page, we’ll be privy to her fantasies, which will range from straight, to yaoi, to yuri, to bi. Since she’s such a degenerate (relatable), my hope is to fit a little bit of everything into this comic. This page is just setting up the premise, though.