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Tournament of Lust, Page One

This is the first page of a project I’ve been mulling over. I’ve tried and failed to get some sort of competition-based event set in the Studio off the ground for a few years now, and I finally decided to just go ahead and get this variation of it going. I figure if the comic is actively running, it’ll be easier for me to commit to it, though I suspect this one’s gonna be running for quite a long time. The tournament itself is going to be fairly long, on top of my usual slow turnaround for comic pages. I don’t plan to put this one in the comic rotation, though, rather I’ll update it when I can like with Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend and Addicted to My Little Brother’s Ass.

For our first match-up, we’ve got a rematch from late DBZ with Android 18 and Vegeta. Having these two go at it sounded fun to me, and I think their dynamic will make for an interesting first match of the ToL. The match itself will probably last a handful of pages, the first of which I’ll be getting to work on soon, hopefully.