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Yoinks Briimura Character Ask 1

When I was first designing Yoinks, I was joking around with some friends about his silly name. Bakugoku also came up in a similar context, and we started joking about how funny it’d be for them to fuck, moaning each other’s silly names back and forth. While we were just kidding around, I had a feeling at least one person (the Subscriber who asked this question) might actually want to see that. I figured this Ask was as good an excuse as any to pair them up.

NHS Fusions – Yoinks Briimura

I had some regrets regarding this poll. The theme was muscular characters, with a mix of male and female. I was having a little trouble thinking of males who weren’t from DBZ or MHA (since both were already in the poll) and ended up including Yoichi. I feel weird including Camp Buddy in something like this, but I kinda didn’t think he’d win so I didn’t expect it to be a problem. Not only did he win, but he won with Future Trunks, meaning I had a purple-on-purple Fusion on my hands. I was worried just giving him purple hair that’s a shade between Yoichi’s and Trunks’ would be too boring, so I worked in some blue from Trunks’ Super design to give him a bit more of his own vibe. I went with the name “Yoinks” because I thought it was a very funny way to combine their names. I hope y’all like him.