Character Asks

Riley Freeman Character Ask 1

Here’s another Character Ask, this one directed at Riley. I’ve only ever drawn Riley through commissions so far, but I’d like to do more with him and Huey some day. There should be more Boondocks stuff around here eventually; I’m currently working on another commission from the series, plus the next MomSwap entry is gonna be Boondocks.

As for this Ask, it seems Riley’s still not entirely comfortable talking about or even acknowledging the things he and Huey get up to behind closed doors. Maybe some day he can break free from that.

Izuku Midoriya Character Ask 2

Here’s another question aimed at Deku-kun. I feel like this question was asked in the hopes of seeing a certain thing, but the way it was phrased and the way I approach these asks I couldn’t think of a way to deliver that (part of the problem was that it was referring to an event in the past, rather than something Deku could demonstrate like in his other Ask). Instead this is the most in-character response I could think of, and I hope it’ll be satisfying enough. Perhaps like with Mace and Jackie’s first Ask, it’ll lead to something more later on down the line.

Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 1

Here’s another of the simpler Character Asks. I was originally pretty optimistic about being able to do every question this month, but there’ve been several new ones since the initial influx. Moving forward, I’m going to prioritize Patrons who have been with me since before the month changed, and of them those who are at the $7 level (since those higher get other perks). That being said, my goal is still to get everyone, or at least as many as possible.

Son Gohan Character Ask 1

So here’s the first official Character Ask as a Patreon reward. There’ve been several questions posed this month, all of which I think will make for great pics in this vein. I’m going to be answering them here and there throughout the month, with the goal of doing one for each Patron who asked something. Of course, the nice thing about this reward tier is that it also generates new content for the rest of you, too, and I hope y’all enjoy this little pic while I continue to grind away.