Chi-Chi x Trunks 1

Let me start off by saying that this is not a new ongoing comic. At this time all that’s been paid for is this single page, and it was paid for at the regular standalone price for an image. I included a number in the title because the commissioner implied that he might pay for a follow-up page at some point, but nothing is set in stone and even if he does I doubt it’ll ever come to much more than that.

This was an interesting image, as the client sent me panels from an existing doujin for reference. The reference images featured much more exaggerated proportions than I typically like to do, but in this case I used them, which is why Chi-Chi has a much more unrealistic body type here than in most of my drawings of her. I know some people like this sort of physique, so hopefully they can enjoy this.

I have one more commission left in my queue, which I’ll hopefully be able to get to work on over the weekend. After that, though, I think I’ll take a break from commissions for a while, as I really need to get to work on the next batch of comics. It seems other things keep getting in the way, haha.

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