Month: August 2016

Champagne Room

For a few years now I’ve wanted to do something with Sonnie the Sluthog. I even tried to do a comic with him once, going so far as to contact TheCon and Habbodude (who I believe are responsible for this version of Sonic, though I don’t know for sure) and ask them if I could make a comic. Back then I was trying to do comic’s all at once before posting them, instead of the page-by-page system I use today and, like all the comics I tried to do back then, it ended up dying off. It seems my interest in Sonnie comes and goes, and every time I tried to do something with him I would end up losing interest before it could be finished.

So this time when I got the urge to draw Sonnie again, I decided to just do a quick and simple picture instead. I think it’s funny how sharply the colors of this one contrast with yesterday’s post, but I wanted to try something more candy-colored here. I’d like to do more with this version of Sonic, maybe draw some of the other Sonic characters in similar fashion at some point. Let me know if you like this sluttified, bimbo Sonic or if you’d like to see Tails, Shadow, and the rest of the gang get similar treatment.

Sheath of the Stranger

Here’s a commission I recently finished, featuring Nanashi and Kotaro from a film called “Sword of the Stranger”. The basic set-up of the film is a pretty popular one in Japan, with a mysterious badass ronin (Nanashi, or “No Name”) taking on and protecting a cute kid (Kotaro) and his dog (Tobimaru). The idea for this pic was to have Nanashi and Kotaro keep each other warm on a snowy night with body heat.

I saw bits and pieces of this film while doing my research for the pic. It’s pretty violent and dark at points, but I think fans of samurai films will probably really enjoy it. The non-action parts with Nanashi and Kotaro are pretty cute, too. Kotaro’s adorable, I’m not sure this pic does him justice. If you guys like this one, the client’s hinted at a desire to commission more of these two in other settings, so it’s possible they’ll crop up around here again.

CCC – Space Warped 04

Here’s the newest page of Space Warped. We jump forward a bit to after the fun parts here. I know some of you may be disappointed there, but Malezor’s plan for the Time Lord has always been to bring him in for the comic’s finale. With that in mind, we wanted to keep that special by saving a full sex scene with him until then.

Instead, the precocious Trunks and Goten decide to explore his castle a bit. There’s one more page of the prologue left after this one, and then after that we’ll get to the real meat of the comic.

Frankie Foster POV

A few weeks ago, I wanted to do a picture with some heavy perspective in it. I thought I could use the practice, so I spent some time on this. I decided to also take the opportunity to try a show I’ve never done before, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, since I thought I could also use the practice in drawing characters in different styles. FHFIM is one of those shows I’d never really worked with before, partly due to the show’s very stylized character designs, so doing this pic with Frankie was killing two birds with one stone. Once it was drawn, though, this one was a very quick color job.

Foster’s was a show I didn’t see much of when it first started. It aired during a period of my life when I was too old for cartoons, but not old enough to enjoy them the way I do now. From about 2005-2010 I watched practically no cartoons at all, so I missed most of this show’s run. When I started getting back into cartoons I did go back and watch some Foster’s though, since I knew the creative team behind it was good, and I liked it. It’s not my favorite McCracken/Faust cartoon by any means, but I liked it. Even when I had first seen the first few episodes as a kid, though, I knew Frankie was hot. Hopefully I can draw more of her in the future.

For some reason, I really, really like pairing Frankie with Bloo. I don’t know what it is about those two, maybe just all the tension between them in the show, but I love the idea of Frankie/Bloo a lot. I’d like to do more with them in the future, maybe try throwing Mac in their for good measure. I dunno, let me know what you guys think of this style for Foster’s. I went pretty anime with this version of Frankie, but I could try drawing her more like the show, too.

Arcade Fucking

Here’s another commission I did recently, and the first straight pic I’ve had to share with you guys in a while. Here we see Kyoko Sakura having some fun at her favorite hangout, the arcade.

The client was wanting to see some interesting colors for this one due to the setting. While there was the temptation to have the pic be extremely dark with neon pinks and green or something, when looking at actual scenes in the show’s arcade they were usually brightly lit. I decided to go with that option (using the exact colors from the show) since, not only did I think it looked better, but it also made it easier to see the crowd that’s gathered around them.

It’s been a long time since I watched Madoka Magica, but at the time I enjoyed it (less so the movies that followed). Kyoko was one of my favorite characters, I thought she was a lot of fun and had a really cute design. I always thought I would draw either her or Sayaka eventually, but surprisingly it took a commission for me to actually get around to drawing one of them. Hopefully I’ll get around to more of the Madoka girls eventually, they’re all really cute in their own ways. Plus, it’s nice to see them getting to have some fun after all they went through in the series. ^_^